Our Modules

Customer Focus

Module supports capturing of customer requirements, complaints and feedback, analyse trends in customer feedback and show evidence of customer satisfaction.



Possible users:


Customer service or customer facing staff/ teams


Helps you to align your management system with your organization's strategic objectives. 

Supports action planning and performance tracking.  Also includes risk and process management



Possible users:


Corporate planners, risk, process, and internal audit managers


From people competence, to supplier evaluation, to asset maintenance, and calibration, 

our resource manager eases people, supplies, suppliers, equipment and other assets Management.


Possible users:


People, Supplies, Suppliers and asset management staff

Products & orders

Product complaints arise from poor quality management, this modules' objective is to help organize product specification; order management up to payment; product release, and change management


Possible users:


Product or service delivery staff, and QA/QC staff

Conformance organizer

This module was designed to help you organize, update, and track compliance or conformance requirements; plan and take actions to improve on your compliance requirements.



Possible users:


Compliance staff, and system managers



Organize, update, and track your system programmes, actions, processes with the use of calendars, email reminders and performance data entry.




Possible users:


Monitoring officers, managers and top management team 

Our modules can be customized to meet your needs and these modules only showcase what we can do for you. Do contact us to discuss how we may be of assistance.